Bats Are Going Home Pyrography


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This 12×12-inch Bats Are Going Home Pyrography pyrography piece is the perfect addition to your home. The detailed artwork features a cathedral and bats flying home. The piece is wood burned on a piece of wood panel, and it is finished with a clear coat of lacquer to protect the artwork.

This piece is sure to be a conversation starter, and it will make a great gift for any horror fan. Get it today!


  • 12×12 inch piece
  • Wood Burned on a wood panel
  • Finished with a clear coat of lacquer

How should you care for your wood-burned item?

Keep it dry.

Keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Moisture and ultraviolet rays are the two biggest ways that wood burnings lose their quality over time.

Hang art on a wall that will not get direct sunlight. Keep fine art indoors. Try not to hang it in places like bathrooms or above fish tanks. Too wet.


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