Wheel of the Year Altar Decoration



This Wheel of the Year Altar Decoration is timeless and meaningful and captures the essence of the seasons and their spiritual significance.

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year with this intricately designed decor piece, featuring symbols representing the eight Sabbats: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule. The Wheel of the Year is a sacred symbol in various pagan and earth-based spiritual traditions, representing the changing seasons, the cycles of life, and the eternal circle of birth, death, and rebirth. Displaying this wheel in your space can serve as a powerful reminder of these natural rhythms.

Whether you’re a practitioner of Wicca or Paganism, or simply appreciate the beauty of nature’s cycles, our Wheel of the Year Altar Decor adds depth and meaning to your spiritual practice. Place it on your altar, mantle, or wall, and let its symbolism serve as a reminder of the eternal rhythm of life.

Key Features

12 inches in diameter
laser-cut + engraved

How to care for your Wheel of the Year: 

Use a soft, dry cloth to gently remove dust and debris from the surface of the stand. Regular dusting prevents buildup and maintains the stand’s appearance.  And since wood is susceptible to damage from moisture, it’s essential to keep your stand away from areas prone to humidity or direct contact with water. If the stand does get damp, promptly dry it with a clean cloth to prevent warping or discoloration.

While the stand is sturdy, it’s still important to handle it with care to prevent accidental damage. Avoid dropping or knocking the stand against hard surfaces, as this can cause scratches or dents. When not in use, store your Tarot Card of the Day Stand in a safe place where it won’t be exposed to dust, moisture, or extreme temperatures. Consider wrapping it in a soft cloth or storing it in a protective case to prevent any accidental damage.

Interested in a custom wheel of the Year Altar Decor? Contact me here!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 0.5 in

Solid Crescent Moon, Celtic Crescent Moon, Sun Burst, Sun Burst Triskelion, Pentagram


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