The Hare – A piece of Spring


The Hare, a sure sign of spring, the season of renewal and awakening if you will. Animals that spend time in hibernation slowly emerge, some are ready to bring new life into the world, while plants show new growth.

It also comes with renewed energy and motivation. I know I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a slumber of sorts for the last few months and I am ready to come out of my own hibernation if you will.

Did you know that while a hare is still a rabbit it is not the same as a bunny?

the hare

Hares are a bit larger with longer ears and limbs and a wee bit faster, and oh they sprint away from predators, while rabbits dart to the nearest hiding place. Hares also live alone or in pairs in an above-ground nest, instead of living in groups of 20 in underground tunnels.

I always rough sketch and outline my work first and when I create a pyrography piece with a night sky, I like to start with burning the areas that will be dark first before working on the details. In some aspects, it’s easier.

The Hare design features a beautiful and lifelike depiction of this beloved animal, with detailed fur and striking eyes that capture the essence of its beauty and grace. The wood surface provides a natural backdrop that enhances the rustic and organic feel of the piece.

Measuring approximately 7 x 9 inches, this wall art is the perfect size for displaying on a mantle, shelf, or as part of a gallery wall. It comes with a sawtooth hanger on the back, making it easy to mount and display.

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