Der Froschkönig Wood-Burning Collection


Froschkönig Wood-Burning Collection

Der Froschkönig Wood-Burning Collection is based on my inspiration from the Brother Grimm Stories, which I first wrote about this in this blog post.

I was having such a good time with this that I expanded it with other items – a bookmark, pencil box, notebook, key chain, wood box, and perhaps my favorite a Do Not Disturb Door Hanger.

If you are interested in purchasing the entire collection – I am bundling it for $245 while I still have all of them. Once pieces sell off, the bundle will not be available. Interested in the bundle?

Froschkönig Wood-Burning Collection

Email me with the subject line: Der Froschkönig Pyrography Collection! I have some other things I need to create because my first event for the year is coming up and I want to create some new things specifically for that.

And yes, I am mapping out the next story – Cat & Mouse in Partnership. I have not read the English version to see if it’s different from the German version but is currently working on how I want to create that story.

Update: The large piece, the bookmark, and the pencil box have sold so the collection as a whole is no longer available but you can still get some of the smaller items in my shop here for now. !

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