March into Spring


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March 4th was event day for March into Spring – there was a post that said it will be a bit windy. No big deal, a little wind is a bit annoying but manageable.

However, we experienced 30 mph + winds and during that time a few things of mine were broken, my art was falling off the hanging display and my earrings constantly flew away.

March into Spring
March into Spring Display

I watched other vendors and their tents and displays get damaged and I made the difficult decision to leave the event.

Most events require you to stay until the end – no matter the foot traffic – but I know that if I wasn’t having a good time at the event (and I was not) my sales wouldn’t have been great anyway – considering in the two hours I was there, I hadn’t even made what I usually make at this particular spot.

Could that have been different if I stayed? Maybe.

Was it worth losing the work that I put time and effort it? Absolutely not.

And so on the way home I made the decision to give 30% off in my shop but you will have to use code March23 to get that. I had a loss yesterday and I am trying to recoup my investment and the ability to pay my bills for another month.

I made a quick video that you can check out here! If you don’t want to buy anything because money is tight for you as well – I understand but maybe you can share the video?

Thank you!

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