Free Crochet Rose in February


red roses close up photography

I always like to do something special for my customers and had been pondering what it is that I could do and I am whipping up crochet roses.

So far I have done ornaments and free earrings but wanted to do something a little different because I value you and your support for my small handmade business! A lot of thought goes into the handmade creations I offer, sometimes I do things because it’s the “season” for a specific item while at other times, I follow the trail of inspiration to see where it leads me.

selective focus photography of a red rose
Photo by Jovana Nesic on

I mean have you ever made art uninspired?

And as I sat planning my year tentatively with the things I want to offer and what would be a token of my appreciation, I thought that crochet roses would be kinda cool.

You can keep it, or you can give it to a loved one. The choice is yours.

Offer valid while supplies last and only in February. No promo code is needed.

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